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Unleashing the Divine Energy: Kundalini Activation Process (KAP)

In these transformative times, as humanity searches for spiritual growth and self-awareness, Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) emerges as a powerful catalyst for personal evolution and profound healing.

KAP is a powerful energy transmission method that activates the dormant Kundalini energy within individuals, leading to heightened spiritual experiences and personal empowerment.

What is the Kundalini Activation Process (KAP)?

KAP is a unique and sacred energy transmission method designed to awaken the dormant Kundalini energy, often referred to as the "coiled serpent," at the base of the spine. This potent spiritual energy lies latent within each individual and, when awakened, can lead to profound spiritual experiences and inner growth. The process is typically facilitated by KAP practitioners, who are skilled in guiding participants through the awakening journey.

The Marriage of Kundalini Energy and Non-Dual States of Consciousness:

KAP distinguishes itself by not solely focusing on the awakening of Kundalini energy but also guiding participants towards non-dual states of consciousness. Non-duality is the understanding that the apparent separation between the self and the external world is an illusion, and all is interconnected and one at a fundamental level.

How Does KAP Work?

In the Kundalini Activation Process (KAP), the focus is on direct energy transmission rather than involving breathwork, meditations, or specific poses. Participants are invited to lie down, close their eyes, and surrender to the process. This approach embodies the path of surrender, where individuals open themselves to receive the energy without actively engaging their will or effort.

The Facilitator's Role:

A skilled and trained KAP facilitator serves as a conduit for the transmission of high-frequency energies. The facilitator has undergone rigorous training and initiation to be able to transmit these energies effectively. They act as a bridge between the source of this divine energy and the participants, allowing the flow of Kundalini energy to be channelled into the recipients.

The Energy Transmission:

During the KAP session, the facilitator taps into the universal energy or cosmic consciousness and allows it to flow through them. This high-frequency energy is not bound by physical distance or time, which is why KAP can be conducted remotely, online, or from a distance. The energy is not limited by space, making it accessible to participants from all corners of the world.

The Significance of KAP in the Modern World: 
In the fast-paced, technology-driven world of today, many individuals find themselves disconnected from their inner selves and longing for spiritual fulfilment. KAP arrives as a beacon of hope, offering a transformative experience that can help individuals realign with their higher selves and the cosmic energies. Its adaptability to online, distance, and remote sessions allow people from every corner of the globe to access this profound energy transmission at their convenience.



Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery with Sarvenaz Elevation's KAP Offerings

At Sarvenaz Elevation, we offer you the freedom to select from our range of transformative options:

Private one-to-one sessions or engaging group KAP classes.

Immerse yourself in a unique and serene experience that awaits you within our KAP classes, where tranquillity is your companion.

As participants settle onto their mats, they gently close their eyes, creating a space of relaxation and receptivity. Guiding this journey is our skilled KAP facilitator, who adeptly transmits the energy that leads to profound awakenings. Enveloping you is a carefully curated musical backdrop, an invitation to align with your inner essence and deepen the connection to your Kundalini energy.

Throughout the class, our dedicated KAP facilitator may occasionally make gentle, purposeful contact with different chakra and meridian points on your body. This subtle touch facilitates the release of energy blockages, allowing you to forge a more profound bond with your authentic self.

This fusion of harmonious music, expert guidance, and individualised attention creates an environment where the complete benefits of KAP can unfold safely and in a nurturing manner.

Whether you opt for a private session tailored exclusively to you or choose to be part of a vibrant group class, Sarvenaz Elevation's commitment remains unwavering: to craft for you an experience that holds the potential to transform your life.


Journeying through KAP Realms: Exploring the Diversity of Possible Experiences

Experiences can include:

Image by Natalya Letunova

Energetic Flows: An Inner Symphony Unveiled

Feel the currents of energy within you, like a gentle yet powerful tide. It's as if your body becomes a conduit for an invisible force, resonating with the energy that courses through.

Image by Valeria andersson

Visual Vistas: Inner Landscapes Revealed

As you close your eyes, intricate visuals may unfold. Colours, shapes, and images dance before you, revealing the rich tapestry of your inner world.

Image by Miguel Salgado

Kinesthetic Awakening: A Dance of the Body and Soul

Your body might sway, and your limbs might move. These spontaneous physical responses mirror the energy's movement within, creating a beautiful harmony between the physical and the metaphysical.

Image by Ilona Panych

Emotional Resonance: A Journey Through Feelings

Emotions might surge and ebb, much like waves on a shore. Old feelings could rise and release, offering a cathartic experience that clears the emotional pathways within you.

Image by Dalelan Anderson

Blissful States: Merging with Euphoria

Bliss might envelop you, a sensation of pure ecstasy. It's a state where joy, tranquillity, and a profound sense of well-being converge into an indescribable feeling.

Image by Javardh

A Balancing Act: Lightness and Heaviness

You might feel light as a feather, unburdened and free. Alternatively, a gentle heaviness might anchor you, grounding your energy and allowing you to sink deeper into the experience.

Image by Shane Rounce

The Unveiling of Non-Duality: Unity of Self and Universe

The boundaries between you and the world might blur, revealing a sense of interconnectedness. It's a glimpse into the non-dual nature of existence, where separation dissolves.

Client Testimonials

KAP sessions with Sarvenaz Elevation have been like discovering a hidden well of energy within me. It's like I've been given a key to unlock my own potential. This journey has rekindled my passion for life, and I can't thank KAP enough for lighting up my path as I've never felt so invigorated and alive. It's like I've been given a boost of clarity and purpose. I'm grateful for this journey of self-renewal and feel super connected to my soul energy and essence.

Marcus Williams

My experience with KAP  has been unexpected. I didn't believe such a thing existed but I'm so glad I found it! KAP makes me feel blissful and peaceful, two states of being that I struggled to experience in my life before! I've done a lot of healing through these sessions and each time I lie down on the mat, it's a different experience. It's taught me to trust myself, the universe and energy so much more!

Zara Khan

KAP has been a revelation in my life, thanks to Sarvenaz Elevation. It's like a veil has lifted, allowing me to see my thoughts and emotions clearly. I'm learning to be more present, and more in touch with my feelings, and it's making me a more mindful and content person. During these sessions, I feel like I can just let go and be myself which is really empowering and comforting.

Maya Rodriguez



KAP is much more than a simple, ancient practice; it is a powerful energy lineage that offers a plethora of benefits to those who embrace it.

When you participate in a KAP session, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities that can help you connect with your inner self and unlock higher states of consciousness.

Whether you are seeking spiritual growth, emotional healing, or physical vitality, KAP can offer you a unique path towards achieving your goals. By tapping into the Kundalini energy that lies within you, KAP can help you release blockages, remove negative energy, and awaken your full potential.

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Spiritual Awakening

KAP opens doors to profound spiritual experiences, expanding consciousness, and fostering a deep connection with the self and the universe.

Inner Healing

Participants often report emotional and physical healing, as KAP helps release past traumas and negative patterns, promoting inner harmony.

Image by Darius Bashar
Image by Alexander Grey

Enhanced Creativity

The awakened Kundalini energy can unlock hidden creative potentials, inspiring individuals to express themselves in new and innovative ways.

Increased Vitality

KAP revitalizes the body and mind, infusing participants with renewed energy and vigor to face life's challenges with greater resilience.

Image by Fuu J
Image by Ian Stauffer

Stress Reduction

KAP induces a profound sense of relaxation, reducing stress and promoting overall well-being.

Heightened Intuition

As the Kundalini rises, participants may experience heightened intuition and a deeper understanding of their life's purpose

Image by Greg Rakozy
Image by Noorulabdeen Ahmad

Profound Unity

Participants may experience a sense of oneness with everything around them, dissolving the barriers of separation and fostering compassion and love.

Expanded Awareness

Non-dual experiences can lead to heightened awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness of all life, offering profound insights into one's purpose and existence.

Image by Ashley Batz
Image by Nick Fewings

Transcendence of Ego

Participants may witness the dissolution of the ego, leading to a sense of freedom from the limitations of individual identity.

Blissful States

Non-dual experiences can bring about states of deep peace and bliss, transcending ordinary happiness and satisfaction

Image by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova