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Kundalini Awakening

Did you know that Kundalini Awakenings are on the rise around the world? This spiritual phenomenon is a process that many people go through without understanding what’s really happening to them which can cause a lot of confusion and worry. We all are pre-wired for a potential kundalini awakening; it’s a part of our divine heritage. Some of our acts will bring us closer to a kundalini activation, and some of our acts will block kundalini from rising. For some it happens spontaneously and for others it can happen through different spiritual practices or experiences such as Kundalini yoga, meditation, Chi gong, Tantra or KAP (kundalini activation process), but rest assured that you will never go through a kundalini awakening unless your soul decides you are ready for it, and it is your divine time to do so. So, whether you have had a spontaneous awakening or are seeking out practises to awaken this beautiful energy, you will find the definition, symbolism, purpose and signs of a kundalini awakening below.

What is Kundalini energy? Kundalini is a form of divine feminine energy. This is a profoundly creative and powerful energy and has been described as the central creative force of the entire universe. According to eastern traditions, this energy is your own evolutionary life force and potential and once released and awakened has the power to accelerate your development and growth at an astonishing rate, elevating your consciousness which can result in extraordinary upgrades at an evolutionary level. A kundalini awakening ultimately leads to harmony, strength, improved health, and greater awareness as the energy has a life and intelligence of its own and knows exactly what each individual needs to evolve and progress to the next stage. The Symbolism of Kundalini Kundalini energy has been represented primarily by two symbols in ancient teachings, The serpent and the goddess. Kundalini as a serpent The snake has long been a symbol for healing and the transformation of consciousness. Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit word based on the term “Kunda” that means coiled, as this energy is represented as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine. When awakened it is described as shooting up like a cobra or twisting inside the body. This type of awakening triggers the shedding of old identification (self-limiting behaviours and beliefs) just as the snake sheds it’s skin.

Kundalini as the Goddess Kundalini has also been imaged as a Goddess because feminine energy is most often associated with the birth and substance of life forms. She is an aspect of Shakti, who when awakened from her slumber at the base of the spine, rushes through the subtle body to be reunited above the crown of the head with her lover, shiva, who represents pure consciousness. She has been praised as a source of ecstasy and wisdom and sought after for her magical powers and longevity.

What is a Kundalini Awakening? The topic of Kundalini Awakening and kundalini energy has been around for thousands of years, some stories dating back as early as ancient Egypt, but most of the information we have comes from the Eastern cultures, specifically Hinduism and yogic traditions. Kundalini awakening can happen to anyone. It is a response of the life force energy within us longing to be set free to attain self-realization, in search of liberation, truth and deep healing. When this energy gets released from the base of the spine, it’s aim is to move throughout the body working on clearing blockages, charging cells, increasing heat and energy, and opening and activating areas that have been contracted or stagnant. What’s the purpose of a kundalini awakening? 3 main reasons 1. Acceleration of healing When your soul decides to trigger the energy to be released and this life force begins to move around your entire body, it is so powerful that it forces all the wounds of the past, all your blocks, all your subconscious beliefs to come up to the surface to be healed. It does this in a very accelerated way, as during a kundalini awakening, you are able to heal lifetimes of patterns and wounds that would have taken you multiple lifetimes to heal. Many wounds and blockages that we carry are not even directly ours, but passed down to us, as we all carry inter-generational baggage (some spiritual teachers say we carry 14 generations of trauma), so you will not only be healing this for yourself, but you will be healing your ancestors and family line in the process.

2. Higher states of consciousness Kundalini awakening causes a very rapid evolution of consciousness as this energy can awaken a person to his or her true nature and purpose. As the layers of wounds, trauma and blockages begin to purify and clear, the process of transformation takes place allowing access to new levels of consciousness which are more refined and elevated. This takes an individual from egocentric needs, wants, and desires and shifts them to feelings of oneness, connection, empathy, compassion, unity and unconditional love.

3. Kundalini awakenings expand your soul gifts and power As you begin to heal and let go of all the social, cultural and generational conditioning and programming, you uncover your true essence, your hidden talents and a vibrant inner joy and peace that radiates from you onto others. The energy helps you remember yourself as the source, as the pure consciousness that existed before you became identified as a separate self. The inner compass, the intuition can be felt and heard at a deeper level and can begin guiding you to connect to the very things that bring you joy and happiness in life. This can be anything from expressing creative gifts such as painting, dancing, singing, creating music to building, growing, and developing new ideas and concepts that can influence and shape others for the greater good.

Symptoms & Signs of a Kundalini Awakening Each individual’s kundalini awakening will be different and unique, however here are some common signs and symptoms that can be found during the process: - Upward movement of Energy from the bottom of the spine - Kriya’s or spontaneous, involuntary movements - Sensations of hot & cold in the body - Tingling/ electrical sensations in the body, hands, or feet - Extreme shifts in energy levels - Intense emotional changes & shifts - Visual experiences -vivid Images or colours - Waking up during the night - Increased sensitivity to stimuli - Ecstasy and feelings of oneness - Personality changes - Change of direction in life - Deep sense of purpose - Deeper connection to your intuition and higher self The bottom line As we shift into the New Earth, more people are going through spiritual awakenings and kundalini awakenings to heal, transform and transcend to new heights of consciousness in line with the evolution of planet earth herself. The primary objective is to trust the process, no matter what stage you are at and know that whether you are going through an awakening or not, we can all consciously set the intention to be kinder and more loving to ourselves and to each other during these times.

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