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Taking action on self care- A personal experience with RTT

It's always so rewarding to have successful sessions with clients who become natural advocates for this powerful type of therapy. One of my clients kindly wrote the blog below about her experience with Rapid Transformational Therapy, as she wanted to share it with the world and also encourage others to take action towards their own healing and self-care. If you are intrigued about RTT and want to know more, keep reading...

Credit- Siobhan Neligan

What is self-care?

People everywhere are discovering the benefits of self-care. The impact of the COVID pandemic has only reinforced the importance of ‘taking care' of ourselves. Burned out professionals everywhere are struggling to cope with the pressure of remote working, in an increasingly disconnected digital age. According to research by Mental Health UK, an alarming 20% of workers are experiencing symptoms of burnout.

Running a business can be a lonely place – exacerbated by the isolation of the pandemic. I’m lucky to have a wonderful (albeit remote) team and a portfolio of fantastic clients. But as much as I am careful to look after my physical health (eating a balanced diet, exercising most days, trying not to drink too much) I can’t say that I take the same pains to maintain my mental health. And yet, it’s so important. Our minds – or more specifically, our mindset – can make or break us. So naturally, when my long-time friend revealed she had quit a successful corporate career to retrain as a hypnotherapist, I was curious. In the many years that I have known her, Sarvenaz has always had a warm, calming and attentive personality, and I could easily see how she would make a fantastic listener and therapist.

What led me to consider it

Those who know me well will know that while I come across as naturally confident and outgoing, deep down, I sometimes battle with my own self-esteem. Being a natural empath, I often take other people’s feelings and words to heart. I’m also an obsessive perfectionist. All of these things, if not carefully managed, could ultimately hold me back in my quest for personal and professional growth. I’ve always been a person of action and believe that if you want to change things, you must